Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Coo-coo for Coco Christ

While I do love my cutting edge food stories, I've discovered that I'm not very good at chasing them down so I've decided to leave that work to the professionals and focus my energy on doing what I do best; trawling the world for useless novelties. So if this blog turns into a gratuitous wish list of culinary oddities then, so be it! This is a pantry, right? And like any reasonably stocked pantry some portion of it will be devoted to items that prove to be less than useful in our daily lives (canned lemon pie filling anyone?). Here is yet another fine example of something I would love to have for my very own: A little too late for Easter this year but perfect for a nice summer parfait! Is that nougat I see?

Available for purchase at Chocolate Fantasies along with a variety of other, ahem... "novelty" chocolates.


Carnation said...

hi i've seen lots of shapes of easter chocolates when i was traveling in europe last march-april. unfortunately i did not take their picture. will be coming back here to read more on what interesting things you find re: food.

Pantagruelia said...

You're welcome to the Pantry, anytime.
Thanks for your interest!

All the best,