Thursday, June 08, 2006

A lobster by any other name...

The olfactory senses are incredibly powerful. Scent memories run from deep in the recesses of our minds evoking involuntary physiological or emotional responses to fragrances we encounter, for example: the smell of a melting creamsicle on hot asphalt makes me sluggish with sunbaked lethargy; or a whiff of barbecue from a neighbor's yard sends me running to the nearest grocery store meat department ... and that's precisely what freaks me out about this next product.

The Demeter Fragrance Library has done a fantastic job bottling a variety of odd "single note" fragrances in the past and their LOBSTER cologne is no exception. It is apparently "not for the faint of heart" as they state in their description and I can only imagine why. Woe to the individual who walks into a room and is greeted by the involuntary desire of others to boil them alive or even worse, as my pal Supercat put it, "... to (want to) rip off your arms and suck out your brains!!" I think I'll stick to my Gingerale cologne, thanks very much!

Some of the other interesting fragrances include:
Funeral Home,
Holy Water,
Poison Ivy,
my personal favorite
Play Doh!
and for you semiotics buffs out there (and you know who you are!):
This Is Not a Pipe.
Some of these fragrances are so 'life like' it makes me wonder if they have a real life Grenouille working in their laboratories. Quick! Hide the children!

Thanks to Supercat for the tip!

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