Thursday, October 19, 2006

Microwave Mayhem

There comes a day in every gal's life when she wonders, "what would happen if I put an open flame in a microwave and turn it on? or perhaps a bar of soap? pure oxygen in a balloon?" Well, maybe this hasn't crossed your mind but it definitely has with quite a few other people, expecially those with video cameras and what seems like a lot of time on their hands! On a simple search on YouTube for "microwave" I found an amazing number of microwave experiments. Here are some of my favorites:

Grapes, CD's & Lightbulbs
Pure Oxygen and Foil
Gunpowder (or the elixir of death)
Baked Beans
A Can of Paint
.. and everything else!

Quite a few of these are from a fantastic segment on the Brainiacs program of SkyOne in the UK. Foxy lab coats, hoakey video effects and wicked animations using hazard symbols... I think I'm in love.

And I'd like to send a big pantry "hurrah!" to the renegades at, who've devoted an entire site to stuffing things into the microwave to see what will happen. Weird kitchen science... it's a good thing.

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